Workshop 2

Title: Testing Tests

Workshop organizers: Sonja Gegovska-Zajkova, Oliver Zajkov

Teachers often use tests to assess students’ knowledge. Unfortunately, during their education, they are not trained to analyze the test, to perform item analysis and to evaluate test validity and reliability. The participants of this workshop will get acquainted with test analysis instruments, they will learn the meaning of the item analysis basic indicators and how to calculate: the index of difficulty, the index of discrimination, the coefficient of biserial correlation of the points, etc. As a measure of the test reliability, Kuder Richardson’s index 20 will be used. The participants will have the opportunity to analyze the real test results and learn how to interpret them, and then, based on the obtained results, they will evaluate the validity and reliability of the test. Special attention will be paid to the distractor analysis. Based on that analysis, participants will be able to create the distractors. Participants are advised to bring their own computer so they can do the analysis themselves. Basic knowledge of Excel is required.