Round Table 1

Title: Scientific and Professional Networks Involving Mathematicians

Description: This round-table aims to present different scientific and professional networks involving mathematicians and share personal experiences and possibilities among participants. Some of the networks that will be presented are

  1. European Women in Mathematics (EWM) – an international association of women working in the field of mathematics in Europe,
  2. Central European Exchange Program for University Students (CEEPUS) – a multilateral University exchange program for students and teachers, in the extended Danube region based on an international Agreement,
  3. Erasmus+ Program for Teaching Staff Exchange – supports teaching periods at higher education institutions (HEIs) abroad,
  4. European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) – a funding organization for the creation of research networks, and
  5. National Unions of Mathematicians – each country has a national union of Mathematicians that works towards popularization of mathematics and advancement of mathematics research and education; can we cooperate and/or exchange good practices?

We would like to acquaint the participants that haven’t had an opportunity to be involved in some of the networks, with the ways to become a member, as an individual or institution. We would also like to present the possibilities that the listed networks offer and motivate connections between participants for establishing new cooperations within or outside the networks. The participants are encouraged to present a network that is not in the list, share their personal experience (positive or negative) of being a part of a network, and open a new discussion related to the topic.

Target group: Teaching and research staff from HEIs, but all others are welcome.

Fee: No fee

Duration: 45-60 min.

Moderator: Professor Elena Hadzieva, University of Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle”,